Influencing an Online Generation

Utilizing Data to Drive e-Commerce Sales and Brand Loyalty Through Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Key Takeaways: +838% YoY revenue | +96% YoY ecommerce conversion rate


Moby Dick Unlimited is a full-service branding, e-commerce management, and product agency. Moby Dick Unlimited partnered with Futurety to assist one of the top 20 most popular YouTube influencers with pay-per-click advertising and e-commerce optimization to increase merchandise sales and revenue across digital channels. 


This YouTube influencer began to notice a disconnect between the content he produced and the profitability of his e-commerce storefront. As more and more competition began to sell similar products, the influencer realized he needed to optimize his digital presence to increase sales and brand loyalty.


Through a combination of data analytics, buying persona segmentation, targeted digital ad campaigns, and retargeting strategies, Futurety increased revenue by 838% and conversion rate by 96%, impacting the influencer’s sales and brand loyalty. 

Futurety constantly analyzed data from Shopify, YouTube, and Google Analytics to isolate best performing channels, age groups, and time frames to better understand those who made a purchase and reallocate budget quickly and effectively. Through these exercises, Futurety discovered that women ages 25-44 (while not the typical consumer), were the main buyers of the influencer’s merchandising product. 

Futurety segmented this group into a new ad group through Google Search Ads and targeted them with optimized messages designed to increase conversion rate and revenue. After the completion of the project, this demographic became the most successful segment for the influencer’s return on investment and cost per action. The influencer is now able to better target, communicate, and sell products to this audience. 


Through the use of website optimization, data analysis, and targeted online advertising including Facebook and Google Ads, Futurety was able to increase users, conversions, website conversion rate, and overall revenue.

Campaign Overview | Campaign Metrics Year-over-Year

User Increase
Conversion Increase
Website Conversion Rate Increase
Increase of Revenue

Google Ads were the most successful piece of advertising used to drive conversions and revenue of online merchandise. Through targeted Google ad campaigns, Futurety was able to increase clicks, conversions, campaign conversion rate, and overall revenue.

Google Ads | Campaign Metrics Period-over-Period

Clicks Increase
Conversion Increase
Campaign Conversion Increase
Revenue Increase