Futurety’s Response to COVID-19

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As COVID-19 continues to spread and dominate the local and national news, its economic impact is devastating. Experts are predicting 32% unemployment and that half of all small businesses may fail in the coming months. As a business owner, you might be wondering how to protect employees, clients, partners, and community members.

I know I am. 

That’s why I’ve outlined what Futurety is doing to protect our employees, clients, partners, and community members during this pandemic.

For Our Team

While we are considered an “essential business” (due to our ongoing partnership with local and state government agencies), Futurety remains loyal to the wellbeing and safety of our employees. Beginning on March 16, employees began working at home full-time. 

As our employees begin adjusting to the new normal, we’ve continued to hold our weekly team meetings on Friday via video. It’s business as usual but with plenty of jokes, pranks, sarcasm, and magic tricks! During our weekly meetings, I make a constant effort to remain transparent in regards to our financial outlook, funding, and how we are planning on moving forward during this unprecedented time. 

If an employee wishes to visit the office for client work they are required to take their temperature 30 minutes before arriving and are instructed to stay home if they have a fever or feel sick. If an employee is working at the office, they are required to clean their workstation with industrial disinfectant before and after working and work in separate rooms to maintain appropriate social distancing. Futurety provides all sanitizer, disinfectant, soap, toilet paper, and vitamins for employees.  

In addition, we’ve increased cleaning procedures to at least once a day with deep cleaning services provided by CleanTurn on a weekly basis. 

Futurety plans on continuing with its previous hiring plans, promotions, and professional development opportunities for its employees. We do not plan on laying off or reducing the pay of any of our employees.

For Our Clients

Followed by the safety of our employees, the success of our clients is top priority. 

We’ve continued our data analytics and online communication services with no interruption. Our team was provided with the hardware, software, tools, and processes to work from home while continuing to provide exceptional services to our clients. 

As we continue to gain experience working with high-level data, we’ve updated our security protocols and insurance to ensure our clients confidential information remains confidential as we work from home. 

I’ve asked our employees to monitor email and answer calls and text after hours in case a client has an urgent request, problem, or question. In addition, they have all been asked to subscribe to breaking news alerts from local media so they are knowledgeable about how COVID-19 can affect our clients and the economy. 

For Our Vendors and Partners

Futurety continues to work with outside vendors and partners to serve our clients.

In order to continue working with our vendors and partners, we’ve moved our accounts payable to home offices and split the responsibilities between two employees so we can stay ahead of invoicing. 

Futurety plans on continuing with existing and future contracts for internal marketing initiatives. Get ready for some big changes! 

For Our Community

Columbus is our home. 

Our team has always had a focus on helping businesses make smarter, faster marketing decisions using data and analytics. 

We’ve implemented a “pay what you can” service to help small businesses transition to an online-only business. To learn more about our initiative, check out our blog “Doing Our Part in Times of Uncertainty”. 

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about COVID-19 and its impact on small businesses, feel free to reach out to me directly at bbalderaz@futurety.com. We’re all in this together!