Major Google Updates Happening in 2022

By January 18, 2022 May 5th, 2022 No Comments

We thought 2021 was the year of big Google updates but there are even more Google updates happening in 2022! In the first few weeks of the year, here’s what we know:

Continued Development of Google Analytics 4

Throughout 2021, Google released updates to Google Analytics 4 on at least a monthly basis. We expect this to continue, likely with additional reminders to users of the benefits of Google Analytics 4, and perhaps more incentives to upgrade. Google has vested interest in pushing users to adopt the new platform; most notably for how it implicitly encourages greater use of other Google tools, so at some point we expect them to start banging this drum a little louder. 

The sooner you can get familiar with GA4, the better off you’ll be when Google starts to push adoption a little harder.

Google updates happening in 2022

Deeper Integration of Google Analytics with BigQuery

Furthermore, we’ve seen a trend with Google using new product updates to encourage existing users to rely on other Google tools. We expect this to continue with GA4’s enhanced connection to Google BigQuery. 

Our team has already seen the great benefits of using GA4 to pull comprehensive website and marketing data into BigQuery (hello integrated MarCom dashboards!). With that being said, we expect case studies on this to begin cropping up into 2022. Google of course knows the benefits when all data is in one, Google-hosted platform, and will encourage this as well.

More Automated Ads for More Data

On the Google Ads side, 2022 trends are a little clearer. In 2021, Google rolled out new bidding options that consistently used machine learning to take optimization out of human hands and into machine-driven choices. They’ve already announced that standard, expanded text ads will be sunsetted by June of 2022, as well. Taken together, these show a future in which Google both removes control from advertisers, but also returns more data back. 

Long term, future PPC strategists will likely be spending less time creating ad variations and testing bidding strategies and more time analyzing reports and crunching data.

Futurety team member on GoogleContinued Banning of Cookies

It’s no secret that Google wants to stop using cookies, but their approach changed over the years. Their initial idea was to utilize FLoC to take the tracking information and give it to Google directly. The announcement angered most users and third party advertisers, therefore Google postponed the cookie ban to finalize in 2023.

This update requires third party advertisers to find new ways to collect their user data. Fortunately, Futurety created its own customer data reporting SaaS based platform, HUCKLE. Companies are able to upload their customer records and, within minutes, receive a full, interactive report uncovering deep insights of your audience’s demographics, psychographics and lifestyle attributes. 

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It seems there are more Google updates happening every year and 2022 is no different. Regardless, Futurety is here to disseminate the information and help everyone utilize Google to its fullest potential. Check back here for more updates!