About Us

Strategically located in the bustling climate of Columbus, Ohio, Futurety brings data analytics and online communication strategies to the Midwest and beyond. We work with organizations of all shapes and sizes and serve large corporations, small businesses, government entities, hospitals, non profits, and tech startups.

Who We Work With:

Why do they choose us? Honestly, it’s the people.

We take the time to understand your audience and help you build a relationship with them. Building these relationships have become crucial to our successful systems, processes, and marketing efforts.

Because our business is built on the idea of building relationships, we make a conscious effort to surround ourselves with like-minded people who are skilled in their fields and hungry for excellence. 

We hold ourselves to high standards and expect results. Interested in learning more about Futurety? Check out our open career opportunities.

Our Core Values:

Our core values are important to the Futurety team and we think they are essential to the success of our business. We strive to find employees, partners, and clients who uphold our values.

When in doubt, take action.

Ask forgiveness, not permission. We encourage you to take calculated risks and accept the consequences of your actions.

Be accountable and trust.

It's our responsibility to own and learn when we fail.

Seek perpetual growth.

When we’re not moving forward, we’re moving backward.

Never underestimate your influence.

You have the power to shape your own destiny.

Confidence without ego. 

Have the right attitude before you have the right answer.