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We’ve been around the block. And, really, we just want businesses and organizations to succeed. So, we share our knowledge when and where we can. Not only have we been featured in publications and media outlets to the likes of The Wall Street Journal, Money Magazine, Readers Digest and NPR, but our team has been coast-to-coast speaking on data analytics and online communication strategies. 

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Upcoming Events

AI and the Future of Communication

AI Rising | May 14, 2024 | Fawcett Center

Recent Events

Is 2024 the Final Year of the Third-Party Cookie?

CBUS DAW | March 6, 2024 | Rev1 Ventures

Together Digital January Panel

Together Digital | February 27, 2024 | Upper Arlington COhatch

Three Moves by Google that Require You to Act Today

TIGER Talk | January 26, 2024 | Innovate New Albany

Privacy-First: How to Ensure Your Healthcare Marketing Aligns with HIPAA

Freshpaint | January 18, 2024 | Virtual

“PRincipled” Leadership: The Future of Communication

PRSA National | December 6, 2023 | Virtual

Mobile Gaming for Healthcare Data Appending and Collection

NAHDO | November 7 – 9, 2023 | Virtual

Welcome to the Silicon Heartland

Futurety | November 2, 2023 | In-person, Columbus Metropolitan Library: Dublin Branch

Building an Effective Research and Innovation Hub Within a Community-Based Health System

SHSMD | September 12, 2023 | Chicago, IL

Supplier Diversity Procurement Fair

MORPC | August 17, 2023 | Columbus, OH

The Role of Mobile Gaming in Senior Living

OHCA | May 23, 2023 | Columbus, OH

Influencer Marketing: How It Fits Into The Broader Ecosystem Of Social Media

Ohio Northern University PRSSA Social Media Workshop | March 24, 2023| Columbus, OH


Conquering Columbus | September 12, 2022 | Podcast

Health & Discovery Content Hub SEO Strategy Focused on Maximum Exposure in Search Engine Results

SHSMD | September 12, 2022 | Washington D.C.

Columbus WAW

February 23, 2022 | Rev1 Ventures


October 1, 2021 | Virtual

NAHDO Conference

September 28-30, 2021 | Virtual

Core Web Vitals: What Are They and Why Should I Care? 

Futurety Webinar | June 15, 2021

How COVID-19 Has Shaped the Future of Healthcare Marketing

Ohio Health Care Association | December 16, 2020 | Virtual

Utilizing Data Analytics to Fuel Employee Satisfaction and Retention

SHRMA  | January 9, 2020 | Springfield, OH

Utilizing Healthcare Data Analytics, Visualization Tools and Propensity Models to Personalize Patient-Provider Relationships

Healthcare Internet Conference | November 4-6, 2019 | Orlando, FL

1 Million Cups 

1 Million Cups | October 30, 2019 | Columbus, OH

Using Analytics, Data Visualization, and Propensity Models to Personalize Health Care Marketing

Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development | September 8-11, 2019 | Nashville, TN

What Can Your Data Do For You?

TEDxHilliard | August 9, 2019 | Columbus, OH

Futurety Festival

June 21, 2019 | 3262 W. Henderson Rd. Upper Arlington, OH

Preventing Hospital Readmissions Using Data Modeling and Predictive Analytics

Ohio Hospital Association Annual Meeting, June 3, 2019

Bridging the Gap: Unifying Sales and Marketing through Data Analysis and Technology

Futurety Monthly Webinar, May 22, 2019

Transforming Higher Education with Big Data

Futurety Monthly Webinar, April 17, 2019

Data-Driven | Tactics That Drive Your Content and Marketing

Dames Collective San Diego, April 12, 2019

Why External Innovation Should Matter to Your Organization

Futurety Monthly Webinar, March 20, 2019

Seven Principles of Entrepreneurship featuring Aslyne Rodriguez, Co-Founder, EmpowerBus

Futurety Monthly Webinar, February 20, 2019

Modeling & Predictive Analytics: Making the Most of Your Data

Innovate New Albany TIGER Talks, February 8, 2019

Using Data Modeling and Predictive Analytics to Power Smarter Healthcare

Futurety Monthly Webinar, January 23, 2019

Using Data to Predict Opioid Usage and Develop Preventative Strategies

2018 OHA Annual Conference, June 4, 2018

Five Social Media Trends to Include in Your Marketing Strategy

Bill Balderaz, AMA Columbus, April 12, 2018

Third Annual Social Media Workshop

Bill Balderaz, Ohio Northern University, March 16, 2018

“Big Game” Ad Review Panel

Lindsey Morr, Columbus AMA, February 8, 2018

The Five Wellness Trends That Will Change the Way We Work (Keynote)

Bill Balderaz, The Wellness Collective Well Workplace Summit, January 25, 2018

How CFOs can Better Forecast Employee Healthcare Costs (Presentation)

Shaun Young, The Ohio Society of Certified Public Accountants Columbus Healthcare Summit, October 19, 2017

Recent Awards

Best of Business: #1 Ad Agency

Columbus CEO, October 2023

Fast 50: Central Ohio’s Fastest Growing Companies

Columbus Business First, October 2023

Inc. 5000

Inc. Magazine, August 2023

Columbus CEO Best of Business Award

Columbus CEO, October 2022

Largest Central Ohio Minority Owned Business

Columbus Business First, October 2022

Fast 50: Central Ohio’s Fastest Growing Companies

Columbus Business First, August 2022

Small Business Leader Award

Columbus Chamber of Commerce, March 2022

Fast 50: Central Ohio’s Fastest Growing Companies

Columbus Business First, October 2021

Largest Central Ohio Minority-Owned Business

Columbus Business First, September 2021

Columbus CEO Best of Business Award 

Columbus CEO, October 2020

Columbus Business First Best Places to Work

Columbus Business First, October 2020

Top Ohio Minority-Owned Business

OhioMBE, October 2020

Largest Central Ohio Minority-Owned Business

Columbus Business First, October 2020

Recent Press

Bill Balderaz | Why mentors are the second best thing for your career
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Bill Balderaz | Empower Hour Episode 22
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Bill Balderaz, President and Founder at Futurety
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Innovation Unleashed: A Deep Dive into Business Evolution and Creativity Cultivation

The Secret Art of Business | Bill Balderaz
Catherine Lang-Cline

Five Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Became A CEO
Authority Magazine

E Pluribus Website: Out of Many Sites, One Mega Site
eHealthcare Strategy & Trends

40 Financial Experts Reveal If Investing In Real Estate Is Worth It
Materials Market, August 2022

Remote Career Development: Sam Underwood Of Futurety On How To Advance and Enhance Your Career When You Are Working Remotely
Authority Magazine, November 2021

Tracking Project Hours vs. Tracking Productivity: Do You Have to Choose?
Replicon, August 2021

16 Smart Questions to Ask New Clients to Ensure you Understand Their Needs
The Business Journals, July 2021

Google Ads Forecasting: How to Improve Your ROAS With Accurate Projections
Databox Blog, July 2021

Managers Talk Series: Importance of Processes and Workflows
Slenke, July 2021

5 Processes for Scaling Your Digital Marketing Agency
Review Robin, June 2021

Bill Balderaz of Futurety: Five Things You Need To Create A Highly Successful Startup
Authority Magazine, June 2021

Bill Balderaz of Futurety: “Be Kinder”
Thrive Global, June 2021

12 Risks to be Aware of When Starting a Business
ScoreLA, June 2021

Why Do We Have To Go Back To The Office? Employees Are Divided About Returning
All Things Considered, June 2021

Segment, Be Visible, Connect with Passion: How to Crush the Struggles of Marketing
IgnitePost part 1, June 2021

14 Big Ways Companies Have Failed at Remote Work (And How They Can Get Back on Track) 
Columbus Business First, March 2021

15 Effective Ways to Keep Your Teams on Track While They’re Working From Home 
Columbus Business First, March 2021

12 Tips for Ensuring Your Public Content is Consistent With Your Business’s Brand
Columbus Business First, February 2021

20 Ways to Use Big Data in eCommerce 
Good Firms, February 2021

14 Effective Ways to Build Real Trust with Your Employees 
Columbus Business First, February 2021

Strengthen Your Client Relationships with These 15 Leader-recommended Strategies  
Columbus Business First, January 2021 

14 Unconventional but Effective Ways to Generate Customer Leads 
Columbus Business First, January 2021

15 Smart Strategies for Managing and Using Your Business Data
Columbus Business First, January 2021

Dashboard Best Practices: How to Build a Meaningful Dashboard
Databox, January 2021

15 Simple Ways to Expand Your Network Remotely in 2021
Columbus Business First, January 2021

20 Metrics You Should Include in Your CMO Dashboard
Databox, January 2021

14 Clear Signs it’s Time to Scale Up Your Company 
Columbus Business First, December 2020

Has a Prospect Turned You Down Based on Price? 15 Expert Tips on What to Do Next
Columbus Business First, December 2020

14 Essential Strategies for Boosting Your eCommerce Engagement
Columbus Business First, December 2020

Develop the Best Management Structure For Your Business
Columbus Business First, December 2020

13 Smart Strategies to Optimize Your Business for Remote Work
Columbus Business First, December 2020

14 Organic Ways to Promote Your Business Outside of Ad Campaigns
Columbus Business First, December 2020

Why Candidates Don’t Get Hired
LinkedIn, November 2020

The Difference Between Your First, Second, and Third Wave of Hiring
LinkedIn, November 2020

25 Best Digital Marketing Tips and Tricks from Pros
PPC Protect, November 2020

Get Ready for 2021: 15 Business Leaders Share Forecasting Strategies
Columbus Business First, November 2020

15 Practical Ways to Help Your Team Cope With Personal and Professional Stress
Columbus Business First, November 2020

15 Virtual Meeting Tips to Keep Your Team Members Engaged
Columbus Business First, October 2020

Looking to Change Roles at Your Company? 14 Tips from Leaders
Columbus Business First, October 2020

The No A**Holes Rule  
LinkedIn, October 2020

When Do You Need SEO? 35 Experts Tell You
SEO National, October 2020

Hire Happy People, Break Traditional Boundaries, and Fire Fast: What I’ve Learned About Building a Great Company Culture
LinkedIn, October 2020

Moonshot Idea: Using Data to Guide Public Policy
Columbus CEO, October 2020

11 Revealing Questions to Ask During a New Client Onboarding 
LinkedIn, September 2020

Don’t Get Hit in the Head with an Oar: Building a Culture Beyond Time and Money
LinkedIn, September 2020

12 Leaders Share The Pros and Cons of a Slow Hiring Process 
Columbus Business First, September 2020

I Don’t Quit and I’m Always Scared
LinkedIn, September 2020

Radical Customer Service: Are Your Standards High Enough?
LinkedIn, September 2020

Snowflake IPO: What You Need to Know
Forbes, August 2020

The Devil is in the Details or Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff? Why You Need a Partner for Your Startup
LinkedIn, August 2020

Stop Talking and Start Doing: Ideas are Everywhere, Action is Not
LinkedIn, August 2020

Do You Have to Choose Between Being a Parent and Having a Job? 
LinkedIn, August 2020

Not the New Normal: Why I Think the Pundits and Media Are Wrong About Life Post-COVID 
LinkedIn, August 2020

What JK Rowling, Martin Luther King Jr, Urban Meyer, and Dolly Parton Taught me About COVID 
LinkedIn, July 2020

Overcome Hurdles in Your Organization with these 15 Tips 
Columbus Business First, July 2020

Fighting out of a COVID Recession 
LinkedIn, July 2020

Innovation During a Pandemic 
LinkedIn, July 2020

[Podcast]: Making Informed Tactical Decisions Using Data 
MikedUp Pod, July 2020

10 Most-Tracked Google Analytics Metrics: Expert’s Survey 
Good Firms, May 2020

Four Technolgy Hacks that Will Save You Time and Energy on Your Daily Tasks 
Columbus Business First, April 2020

Have a Difficult or Struggling Employee? Six Ways to Get Them Back on Track
Columbus Business First, April 2020

Your Website SEO Report: 37 Metrics That Must be Included
Databox, March 2020

The Journey of an Entrepreneur
Columbus Business First, March 2020

Bill Balderaz Author Page
Columbus Business First, March 2020

Encouraging Honest Customer Feedback: 5 Leaders Share Their Best Tips
Columbus Business First, March 2020

12 Tips for Creating a Content Marketing Dashboard in Google Analytics
Databox, March 2020

Five Efficient Ways to Find Your Ideal Business Vendors
Columbus Business First, February 2020

Here’s How the Future 50 Class of 2020 Plans to Change Columbus 
Columbus CEO, February 2020

How to Build an SEO Report: 27 Metrics & Insights to Include
Databox, January 2020

Future 50: Bill Balderaz, Futurety 
Columbus CEO, December 2019

The 13 Most Useful Google Search Console Tools
Databox, December 2019

Seven Ways to Keep Both You and Your Business in Great Health 
Columbus Business First, November 2019

Follow These Five Strategies to Build and Grow a Successful Business or Career
Columbus Business First, November 2019

60 Demand Gen Pros on How to Set Up and Use Google Analytics Conversion Tracking 
Databox, November 2019

[Video]: What Can Your Data Do For You? 
TEDxHilliard, October 2019

25 Examples of Google Analytics Segments 
Databox, October 2019

Meet the Future 50 Class of 2020 
Columbus CEO, October 2019

Columbus City Council to Expand Park Land on Far East Side 
Columbus Dispatch, October 2019

How to Analyze Data: 30+ Experts on Making Sense of Your Performance
Databox, September 2019

[Podcast]: Generational EQ 
Spirit of EQ, September 2019

Developing Smarter Marketing Programs
Hollywood Branded, March 2019

[Podcast] A Smarter, Faster Marketing Program With Sam Underwood
Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them with Stacy Jones, March 2019

Ask These Questions Before You Hire Another Web Design Agency
Brand Builder Solutions, February 2019

Tiger Talk Recap: Modeling & Predictive Analytics: Making the Most of Your Data
Innovate New Albany, February 2019

One Channel Rules Them All in B2B Lead Generation [Original Research]
Databox, February 2019

Why Marketing Agencies Stop Reselling Software
PartnerStack, January 2019

Here Are The Outbound Marketing Tactics That Still Work in 2019 (According to 29 Marketers)
Databox, January 2019

Advice on Preparing for a Client Reporting Meeting from 31 Marketing Agency Professionals
Databox, January 2019

Data Science: What to Expect in 2019
Techopedia, December 2018

MailChimp Review and Insights
Good Firms, December 2018

10 Tricks To Create Engagement And Community In Your Emails
Referral Rock, November 2018

30 Marketing Pros & Data Analysts Reveal How Marketing Data Analysts Can Better Impact Marketing ROI
CallMiner, November 2018

How to Create a Compelling Email Marketing Newsletter
Referral Rock, November 2018

Predictive Analytics in 2018: What’s Possible, Who’s Doing It, and How
CXL, October 2018

24 Actionable SEO Tips for 2018
Fupping, September 2018

[Podcast] Make Smarter, Faster, Deeper Connections with Your Customers With Bill Balderaz
Enterprise NOW!, August 2018

Search vs Display Ads: Which Works Best When?
Databox, August 2018

14 Reasons Your Small Business Should Be Hiring Interns
Fupping, August 2018

How to Increase Your Facebook Ad Reach
Databox, August 2018

27 Social Media Pros Share Their Best Twitter Tips
Creative Mindscape, June 2018

35 Experts Share Their Best Email Marketing Tips
Creative Mindscape, June 2018

Is Your Startup Making These Acquisition Marketing Mistakes?
Branderly, April 2018

Is SEO Dead? 26 Entrepreneur’s Share Their Thoughts on SEO and its Future
Rescue A CEO Blog, April 2018

Futurety + Entrepreneur Spotlight: Bill Balderaz (Podcast)
Conquering Columbus, April 2018

Eight data management best practices to help your business thrive
Churchill Frank Blog, March 2018

Expert Opinion: Data Visualization featuring Sam Underwood
MarTechExec, February 2018

Should You Hire Startup Consultants? Yes and No, January 2018

Interview with Bill Balderaz, Founder and President of Futurety
USA Weekly, January 2018

CEO + Entrepreneur Spotlight: Bill Balderez (Podcast)
614startups, January 2018

9 Tips for Managing Remote Employees
ValuePenguin Software, January 2018

Experts Weigh In: What Wacky Business Are You Starting in 2018?
MyCorporation Blog, January 2018

Social Media Tips For SMBs/SMEs: 50 Experts Share Their Best Advice
Creative Mindscape, December 2017

Bill Balderaz quoted about healthcare marketing trends
Columbus CEO, December 2017

St. Marys native named top entrepreneur (subscriber only)
The Daily Standard, September 2017

6 Hiring Red Flags That Could Cost You in the Long Run
Ignite Spot, October 2016

Will wearables and healthcare ever sync?
Modern Medicine Network, May 2016

The guide to cringeworthy health IT conversations: 10 leaders on the terms they dread most
Becker’s Health IT and Hospital Review, March 2016

What is a Health Information Technician? A Sneak Peek at this Behind-the-Scenes Career
Rasmussen College, March 2016

How Much Health Information Should You Share on Social Media?
Next Avenue, January 2016

50 Secrets Hospitals Don’t Want to Tell You (But Every Patient Should Know)
Reader’s Digest, January 2016

Capitalizing on Growing Retail Mindset in Medicine
Intrepid Health, December 2015

Serial entrepreneur starts firm for commercializing health IT
Business First, July 2015

What Healthcare Changes Lie Ahead: Wearables and Consumerization
Electronic Health Reporter, March 2015