Regional Restaurant Brand

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This Regional Restaurant Brand is a chain of family style restaurants founded and headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. They own and operate 480 locations in 18 states, primarily in the Midwest, mid-Atlantic, and Southeast regions of the United States.


In recent years, the restaurant industry has shifted from seated dining to online ordering and takeout. These shifts are driven by changes in customer circumstances and preferences. This Regional Restaurant Brand wanted to reach new customers on digital channels, while still connecting with their loyal dine-in customers.


Futurety analyzed site traffic, store transactions, and customer orders to better understand the brand’s customer base. This culminated in an analysis of over 100 million customer records stored in a custom-built database.The analysis and visualization of customer data enabled Futurety, in collaboration with the brand team, to develop distinct audience segments and channel targeting strategies. 

Through this exercise, the Regional Restaurant Brand was able to identify a priority customer segment who could be more effectively reached on digital marketing channels. This customer is younger and more open to new dining experiences (such as online ordering and delivery), and is more likely to order for a family rather than for themselves. This allowed the brand to more effectively target Facebook, Instagram, and Google Search ads to connect with new audiences.


Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns were designed to increase awareness of Family Dinner offers, and Google ad campaigns were designed to promote to-go and delivery options. Ongoing campaign performance analysis found that key target audiences were most active, and most easily reached, on Facebook and Instagram. In this case, social media marketing enabled this regional restaurant brand to increase brand awareness and, through remarketing, to reconnect with users we initially reached through other online channels. Google Search ads targeting allowed this brand to increase transaction/purchase volumes by connecting with the customer during their time of need. 

Google Ads | Campaign Metrics to Goal | 2019

Clicks Increase
Purchases for 2019
Purchases Increase
Cost Per Purchase Decrease

Percentage change year over year.

With targeted Google Search and Display ads, Futurety was able to increase the number of clicks on ads by over 280%, leading to an increase in purchases and a higher purchase rate. This drove down the Regional Restaurant Brand’s ad cost per purchase, making paid search ads an efficient and lucrative means of driving conversions.

Facebook & Instagram Ads | Campaign Metrics | 2019

Impressions Increase
Reach Increase
Increase of Clicks
Purchases Increase

Percentage change year over year.

Futurety used Facebook and Instagram ads to reach the new customer segment on social media. Strategic targeting enabled increases in the number of impressions on the ads, the number of people reached, and the number of clicks on ads. In combination, this contributed to an increase in the number of purchases attributed to these paid marketing channels.