How we developed a Patient Data Platform for a Nationally Ranked Healthcare System

Case Study: Digital Patient Engagement

Utilizing Data Analytics, Visualization Tools, and Propensity Models to Personalize Patient-provider Relationships

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This Top 20 National Healthcare Center is a multidisciplinary academic hospital in Columbus, Ohio. For the past 27 years, they have been ranked in the U.S. News and World Report’s Best Hospitals list. 


The healthcare center developed a branded, customized myChart app to help patients manage their appointments, prescriptions, and interactions with healthcare providers. They wanted to identify which members of their patient population would benefit from specific features of the app, with the goal of encouraging app adoption among the patient population.


Futurety undertook a complete analysis of current and past healthcare patient populations by combining more than half a million patient records and data sources to build a statistical propensity model that predicted with 70% accuracy a patient’s likelihood of using a branded healthcare app. Futurety built a fully-functioning data analysis dashboard for the Healthcare Center’s Marketing team to use in future marketing efforts. This tool integrated the propensity model with demographic data, which enabled users to dynamically analyze and segment the patient population.


Through this analysis, Futurety ranked more than 200 factors by their significance in predicting an individual’s likelihood to use a healthcare app. With these insights, Futurety provided strategic recommendations to identify barriers of app adoption, pinpoint app features that would improve the patient experience, and messaging and channel strategies that resonate with the audience.

Sample of dashboard, including de-identified population data.

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