Customer data: everything you need to know about HUCKLE

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How old is your typical customer? What’s their income? What do they like to do? You can answer all of these questions and more using HUCKLE. HUCKLE is a SaaS platform that analyzes your customer data and compares it with millions of consumer data sources. It allows you to get secure consumer insights like never before.

The importance of customer data

It’s important to market your product to a relevant audience or one that is likely to buy it. The only way to find this audience is through the use of cookies, or through market research software.

Don’t waste time and money on sending ads to an audience they do not pertain to. In order to maximize your ad effectiveness, it is important to gather data on who your audience truly is.

Currently, marketers collect data through the use of cookies. They collect small pieces of information when a user visits a web page . This can give you some insight on your customer, but software that gives you real market research is a better way to truly understand your customer base and see who is buying your product.

Consumer data reportWhy use HUCKLE?

Google announced earlier this year that they are in the process of getting rid of cookies and introducing Privacy Sandbox. This ban will take effect in 2023, which leaves advertisers scrambling to find other ways to collect data on their consumers in order to market efficiently. 

This is where HUCKLE comes in. It  allows you to upload your customer records, and gives you an interactive report that helps you uncover deep insights surrounding your audience. 

Don’t stay in a loop of trying to find another solution to cookies. HUCKLE will do the work for you.

How does HUCKLE work?

HUCKLE gives you audience data using customer purchasing history, public records, and consumer activity. It creates a complete visual analysis to help you market efficiently. HUCKLE can compare up to millions of data points, all in a matter of minutes. The tool is compliant with all state and federal data privacy laws, and does not sell your data. 

Other advantages of HUCKLE come in the form of cost and accuracy. Traditional market research studies can range between $25,000 and $50,000, but the form of cost and accuracy. However, HUCKLE starts at only $5,000.

HUCKLE pulls results that are not susceptible to recency or observer bias or false responses and other flaws that often come up in qualitative research. You can trust HUCKLE to deliver secure customer research that will make an impact on your advertising campaigns.