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How to use GA4 according to HIPAA guidelines

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ga4 and hipaa guidelines

We all know that GA4 is a powerful tool for businesses to understand their website traffic, user behavior and marketing efforts. However, healthcare and related industries require strict regulatory requirements. Meaning, complications emerge when implementing GA4 in accordance with HIPAA guiedleines.

With that being said, the experts at Futurety explored implementing GA4 with HIPAA regulations in mind. Specifically, how to implement GA4 based on current guidance from Google and The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS

GA4 and HIPAA 

Ga4 for HIPAA Compliance

Per Google, how you implement GA4 determines whether or not you are in violation of HIPAA. A way you may avoid violations, make sure  a property cannot send any personally identifiable information (PII) or personal health information (PHI) to Google. 

Furthermore, Google recommends not installing GA4 on HIPAA covered pages. Any pages where a user must authenticate are likely HIPAA covered and 

should not send data to Google.

Implementing GA4 according to HIPAA guidelines

Ensure GA4 implementation in accordance with with The Department of  Health and Human Services (HHS)  HIPAA guidelines. You could do this by implementing it in a way that does not disclose PII or PHI. Follow Google’s guidance on how to use GA4 within HIPAA guidelines:

  • No data passed to Google that Google could recognize as personally identifiable information (PII)
  • No data collected using Google Analytics may reveal any sensitive information about a user, or identify them
  • If you need to delete data from the Analytics servers for any reason, you can schedule a data-deletion request or use the User Deletion API

Consulting with Legal Professionals

It is important to note that the information provided, compiled by Futurety, does not constitute legal or regulatory advice. For information on your specific situation, we recommend consulting with your legal department or an attorney. They can provide specific guidance on how to use GA4 with HIPAA guidelines in mind based on your unique circumstances.

GA4 can be a valuable tool for healthcare providers and other entities subject to HIPAA regulations. However, it is important to ensure implementing GA4 according to HIPAA guidelines to avoid potential fines and legal issues. Ensure that your use of GA4 is compliant with HIPAA guidelines. Follow the guidance provided in this blog post and consulting with legal professionals.

We understand this is a very time sensitive issue in addition to being a security issue for many businesses. Schedule some time with the GA4 experts at Futurety for a review of your GA4 property today!