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Tips for building a Google Looker Studio dashboard

By February 21, 2023 No Comments

Analyzing data is challenging to decipher. However, understanding data is extremely important, especially in the world of marketing. 

Data can highlight the performance of your marketing strategy and success. Unfortunately, there is an abundance of information that can make reading your data very tedious.

This usually involves pulling data from multiple sources, undergoing data transformation and manually building a visualization. It is widely inefficient if you are analyzing data every day or week. However, it does work in the long run.

Instead of repeating this process, there are tools like Google’s Looker Studio that saves time.

Why should I use Google Looker Studio?

Looker Studio, formally known as Googles Data Studio, is a visualization platform that helps you create and maintain professional reports. In this platform, you are able to create multiple types of reports including a combination of charts, styles and comparisons.

In addition, Google’s Looker Studio provides automation to your marketing capability. This creates professionally formatted reports, visualizations and internal business analyses. 

Looker Studio is a platform that allows many different connections. They range from Google Analytics properties, a BigQuery database or an Excel sheet bringing real-time streaming data into visualizations.

Tips for building your dashboard

Building a professional dashboard, in Google’s Looker Studio, is similar to writing a paper. The first thing that should happen is outlining what type of visualizations you want to include in your dashboard. 

Furthermore, Google Looker Studio helps tell a story with your data that can accurately show the performance of your report. If you rush into building your dashboard without any planning, you will most likely end up redoing the whole process. 

When you start planning you should ask yourself what metrics and data connections you will need to include. A messy and data-condensed dashboard is never great to interpret. You should only include important pieces of information that are relevant to your dashboard’s purpose and statement. For example, to compare month over month on a marketing campaign, include a double-line chart showing a time trend.

Another key aspect of Looker Studio is being able to add text, colors, and shapes within your dashboard. When building and outlining your dashboard, you will want to personalize the space as much as possible. Adding the company’s colors, logo and slogans within your dashboard makes it look more professional and appealing to your audience. 

And if you are new to Looker Studio, stuck on planning and building your dashboard. You are also able to pick a pre-made report in the Template Gallery. These pre-made templates make up a variety of different reporting styles. However, you can customize them for a final product that best suits your needs.

Switching over to Looker Studio 

While making significant changes can be difficult, switching over to Looker Studio is beneficial to your business and reporting efforts. Stop using spreadsheet visualizations and highlight your marketing efforts through a brandable, real-time streaming dashboard.

At Futurety, we believe data can solve the world’s biggest challenges. To manage your data, we utilize tools like Google’s Looker Studio to provide a meaningful dashboard. This helps measure performance and drive strategic decisions. Some examples of our dashboards can be found in our data repository.