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How Futurety Blends Digital Marketing and Data in Columbus

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From the start, Futurety was founded on the basis of taking the “traditional” digital marketing agency into its next-generation here in Columbus.

Most agencies operate on a model of 1 analyst for every 10 content creators. A room of writers and community managers write content, publish it, and have that 1 analyst generate a report with a few ideas at the end of the month.

We’ve turned this model on its head. Our goal is to have 10 analysts for every 1 content creator, so we can spend less time writing content that might work, and more time understanding your audience and market opportunities, finding new ways to generate revenue that other agencies would miss.

This translates into more value for you: Better digital marketing, more validated ideas, and strategy & insights that impact far more than just your marketing.

What makes Futurety different among Columbus digital marketing agencies? Here are a few ways.

Futurety is…

Unashamedly data-first in everything. Data informs every decision and strategy we undertake.

Transparent. You own all your accounts and data, and if we stop working together, you leave with everything we did as yours to keep.

More than just Google Analytics. We use advanced tools and processes, like R, Python, SQL, DataBricks, and much more, combining disparate data to guide your digital marketing strategy.

Focused on achieving success together, with your internal team and other agencies. We’ve worked with every other agency in Columbus and look forward to partnering for even better results.

Focused on building a long-term relationship with you. We have no outside investors or board of directors demanding quarterly growth or else. Retaining all our clients is our #1 goal.

How do we do this? It all comes down to people. We focus on building a digital marketing and analytics team that is both skilled and humble, to give our clients the best service possible while also providing them with a Futurety team that makes their day-to-day as pleasant as possible. Columbus is a big small town, and the more we can all enjoy working together, the more we can accomplish together to build a stronger Columbus.

We’re always looking for exciting digital marketing and data projects to help us learn new skills and industries. Got a cool one that you want to talk about? Let’s get in touch!