How Futurety Spent Covid: Experiential Product

By July 26, 2021 January 4th, 2023 No Comments

How it started: 

After visiting my good friend Phil at Saddle Box, I came back full of fire and ready to launch a subscription box service. We targeted a couple of niches that seemed high potential and untapped. We met with some logistics and supply companies, and we put some feelers out to potential influencers to put their stamp on a product.

We focused on certain areas that had a strong online community which would allow influencers to be able to create custom products that would resonate well with their strong base of followers. In addition, it was important to focus on products that would ship easily and look visually appealing when packaged. 

In order to find the products that would be popular and highly sought after, we spent time researching hobbies and interests that were seeing an increase in interest due to COVID. 

These were generally activities or projects that could be learned by someone in quarantine or skills that could be learned online. After researching we proposed subscription box services for a few different areas including juggling, magic, skilled puzzle-type toys and fishing. 

How it’s Going:

Unfortunately, this one has been a miss. One of the ways that we would have created awareness for the new subscription box service is through the use and partnership of influencers. However, we are struggling to get an influencer in a high potential niche to say “yes” to a box. We aren’t sure if it’s a matter of time and bandwidth or trust for them. Our plan is to stay open to the opportunity and jump on it when we find the right partner. 

It is important for us to look for opportunities in new places even if it does not work out all of the time. Trying new ideas and working with new people allows Futurety to grow as a business and stretch and push the limits of what we can accomplish.