How Futurety Spent Covid: The Travel Boom

By August 23, 2021 January 4th, 2023 No Comments

How it Started:

We acted fast on the travel and tourism front as there were drastic changes in the market. There is a very specific part of the country I love. Not only because it fits my fishing, boating, water lifestyle, but culturally it holds onto values that align with mine. It also is one of the fastest-growing cities in the US and a wildly popular vacation destination. If I told you how much property value there appreciates, you would call me a liar.

Prior to COVID despite looking extensively, there were simply no homes for sales that fit our criteria. Zero. No matter how hard we looked, after what seemed like hundreds of searches or dozens of conversations with our realtor, there were still no options that fit what we were looking for.

However, during COVID as housing options began to change a few properties went on the market. The competition was brutally fierce and we were forced to make immediate offers, sight unseen, on multiple different properties. Though through working through our trusted realtor we managed to get a property. Interest rates were the lowest in a lifetime, which made it a great time to borrow to push the expansion of this side of our business. Just a couple of weeks after we closed, home inventory went back down to zero so we knew our window was small.

The property we found offered a great mix of everything that we had been looking for. It needed interior and exterior updating but the location, size and views were perfect. Just like at Futurety, we continue to update and adapt as time progresses so that we stay on top and ahead of the curve. 

By securing this property it allowed for us to continue expansion into new areas beyond data and marketing to make Futurety more and more well rounded. 

How it’s Going:

In the first six months after closing, we gutted the house and rebuilt the entire property. A new roof was installed, a new floor was put in and every inch in between has been updated and replaced. The house came without so much as a spoon or towel and we worked with a great designer who fully outfitted the house.

We had hoped to welcome our first guests in April. However, the last 10% of the project has taken 90% of the effort. The house was finished in early June and we immediately booked every night in June and July as well as the entire winter of 2021-2022! Our property manager, who manages 60 other properties on Cape Coral, says we’ll soon be booked 18 months in advance, so we remain very optimistic for the future of this property.