Who owns ChatGPT?

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By now you’ve used ChatGPT and Open AI. However, after the third request for King James style Bible writing from a dog’s perspective, you begin to wonder. “Who owns ChatGPT?”, “What does GPT stand for?” and “How does ChatGPT make money?”

Who owns ChatGPT?

ChatGPT started as a nonprofit. More specifically, OpenAI, the organization that developed ChatGPT, started as a nonprofit. In December 2015, a notable event occurred. Tech billionaires Elon Musk, Peter Thiel, Reid Hoffman, along with representatives from Y Combinator, Amazon Web Services, and Infosys, came together. Their purpose was to initiate a nonprofit organization dedicated to AI. This gathering took place while they were riding on a private jet, as the story goes.

At the time, this group of tech billionaires held genuine concerns. They believed AI had the potential for great harm. They also believed that the most crucial research should not associate with a profit-seeking business. Rather, they should direct towards a nonprofit organization dedicated to the ethical and responsible applications of AI.

When internal struggles with the founders broke out, Musk gave them an ultimatum: put him in charge or he’s out. With the board refusing to hand over the reins, Musk left.

As Google and Facebook began to outpace OpenAI, the founding members decided they needed to raise capital and attract investors. They transitioned from a non profit to a “capped profit” business.

Microsoft, also feeling left behind, decided to take a major stake in OpenAI. Since then, they became the largest corporate investor. 

How Does ChatGPT Make Money?

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First, ChatGPT powers an increasing number of products and software platforms. Microsoft’s Bing and Salesforce products are two of the name brands that pay for use of ChatGPTs API. But hundreds of smaller businesses, including our own HUCKLE, are implementing ChatGPTs technology. 

ChatGPT also offers premium subscription services to individuals and businesses. This allows third parties to train ChatGPT on a specific data set, giving premium customers a custom AI tool.

ChatGPT controls a range of data sets that it licenses to other companies. All with the purpose to train their own AI platforms.

With a who’s who board of tech billionaires, there’s no need to lose sleep over ChatGPT’s revenue generation.

And now, the moment you are all waiting for…

If you’ve read this far, here’s a King James style Bible passage from a dog’s perspective, written by ChatGPT:

In the beginning, where the world was formed, there was naught but darkness and void, save for the bounteous fields and woods where creatures roamed, and amongst them, I, a humble canine, did tread.

The Lord, in His infinite wisdom, did fashion me, His loyal servant, and granted unto me the senses keen and the heart unyielding. With paws of grace and a nose attuned to His creation, I did traverse the lands He had made, bearing witness to His glory in every blade of grass, in every whispering breeze.

In the morning, when the sun’s golden visage didst grace the horizon, I did lift my head to heavenward, and with joyful bark, I praised the Creator for the gift of a new day. With every bound and playful gambol, I gave thanks for the boundless joy He didst bestow upon me, and in the wag of my tail, I declared His love unfailing.

When the trials of life didst beset me, when storms did rage and thorns did pierce my flesh, I did bow my head in humble submission, for I knew that the Shepherd would guide me through the darkest valleys. In my steadfast loyalty and unwavering devotion, I mirrored His divine love, for even in the face of adversity, I trusted that His providence would prevail.

And when the day of reckoning draweth nigh, and I, His faithful companion, must cross the threshold into the great beyond, I do so with hope and anticipation, for I know that in His heavenly kingdom, I shall dwell forevermore, where there is no pain, nor sorrow, but only eternal joy in the presence of my Master.

Let all creatures of the earth take heed and learn from my humble example, for in the heart of a faithful dog, the love and devotion to our Creator doth shine as a beacon of His grace. Thus, I, a simple dog, doth proclaim His glory and His goodness, now and for all eternity. Amen.