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Google Analytics update: Google to permanently delete pre-2023 data

By October 19, 2023 No Comments

Another urgent Google Analytics update was just announced. Google will permanently delete all GA data prior to 2023 from its servers by July 1, 2024. This affects all users including those accessing Google 360 properties and those who already made the switch to GA4.

This decision has serious implications for websites relying on Google Analytics for data processing and analytics. It also means your ability to offer year over year and other historical reporting will go away. That is unless you export the data. To understand this change, we need to explore its significance and timing. In addition, we will discuss Google’s motive and how website owners should respond.

What is this Google Analytics update?

This Google Analytics update is about the migration away from Universal Analytics (UA). As part of this shift, Google intends to erase all data collected by UA prior to 2023. Everyone who has ever used Google Analytics is affected by this change. 

If you use Google Analytics for website tracking, then this applies to you. This means that crucial data for informing your strategies is inaccessible. Preventing users from comparing data year-over-year.

Exporting this data is a top priority. It saves years worth of historical data, vital for reporting and compliance purposes.

Why is Google Taking This Step?

woman working on GA4 after the google analytics update

Google Analytics 4, the latest version of Google’s analytics tool, aims to improve precision in data measurement and user privacy. This decision comes as privacy regulations and user expectations continuously change.

This transition is one of the main reasons behind this mandatory archive. In addition, it is part of a strategic plan to streamline their operations and ease the burden of compliance. Deleting historical pre-2023 data creates a smoother and more secure experience for Google Analytics users.

This process ensures that Google works with evolving data protection standards, making their analytics solution more responsible. Although the removal of old data might seem like a hassle, it’s all for a better and more private future.

How do you archive GA data?

Fortunately, you have the option to archive all information before 2023 yourself using Google’s BigQuery data tool.
After securely archiving your data, you can integrate it into a customized dashboard just for you. This dashboard serves as a central hub for YoY reporting. It simplifies the tracking and comparison of your website’s performance over time.

If you prefer a more hands-off approach, our team of experts is available to assist you with these tasks. We can handle the archiving, dashboard setup, and the development of a user-friendly self-service interface for you.

Whether you choose to take the reins or rely on the GA experts at Futurety, your historical data is in capable hands. We are dedicated to ensuring that you have continued access and utilization for all your reporting needs.

Google Analytics Data Export Considerations

Your data’s quality plays a critical role, so keep in mind that data cleanup can make the process longer. If your data is flawed or contains errors, it can prevent you from effectively working with it.

We recommend a Google Analytics audit before starting the data transfer process. This aids in understanding data condition, scope of work, and the time required for a secure transfer. Fortunately, the GA experts at Futurety already have a simple audit procedure in place and are eager to assist.

All things considered, Google’s move to delete pre-2023 data is significant to say the least. Time is of the essence and Futurety is here to be your Google Analytics experts and help secure your data’s future.