Navigating the phase out of Google’s third-party cookies

By January 4, 2024 No Comments
Google's Third-Party Cookies blog post featured image

Starting January 4, millions of Chrome users will experience heightened online privacy as Google begins the removal of third-party cookies. Google plans to completely remove third-party cookies from Chrome by Q3 2024 after years of development on this update. The move marks a turning point in the digital landscape affecting businesses, advertisers and internet users alike.

What are Google’s third-party cookies?

Imagine you visit a news website, then later see ads for those same articles while browsing your favorite recipe blog. That’s the power of third-party cookies. They are small data files placed on your device by websites other than the one you’re directly visiting. These cookies track your online activity across the web, enabling targeted advertising and other personalized experiences.

Why are third-party cookies going away?

Google’s third-party cookies have come under increasing scrutiny for privacy concerns. Critics argue they provide intrusive insights into users’ browsing habits, often without their knowledge or consent. In response, Google is joining a growing movement to prioritize user privacy by phasing out these trackers.

What does banning Google’s third-party cookies mean for my business?

The demise of third-party cookies presents challenges for businesses, particularly those reliant on targeted advertising. Marketers will lose valuable data about their audiences, including demographic information and browsing data and ad performance will likely suffer.  However, it also opens doors for innovation. First-party data, earned directly from users, will become paramount.

Having said that, one innovative solution comes from Futurety, a company offering a first-party data marketing platform called HUCKLE.

HUCKLE leverages the data you already own — customer emails, loyalty programs, website visits — and matches it with Futurety’s database of over 280 million US profiles. This powerful engine then helps you build precise buyer personas, pinpointing your ideal customer demographics and preferences. By utilizing first-party data and insights gained from your own audience, HUCKLE empowers you to deliver targeted advertising and personalized experiences without relying on third-party cookie tracking. In a world increasingly focused on user privacy, HUCKLE provides a viable alternative for businesses to navigate the changing landscape and unlock the full potential of their own data.

With Google’s third-party cookies going away, they are taking the lead and the industry adapting. While the full impact of this shift is yet to be seen, one thing is certain: the way we experience the web is about to change.