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How Futurety Spent Covid: Consumer Identity Economy

By July 12, 2021 January 4th, 2023 No Comments

How it Started:

We found that whether we were working with a Fortune 500 company, government agency, hospital system or higher education institution, we started with the same research. That research was learning about our client’s audience to see what their needs and wants were. By identifying how our client’s audience thinks we can create a plan of action to best reach and target this specific group most effectively.

After years of this process, we learned that records available from shopper loyalty programs, credit cards, apps, and website usage, public records, the census, home sales, and car registrations could build near-perfect personas every time, for every client. We went to work automating the process and soon, HUCKLE, our SaaS-based consumer identity platform was born.

We assembled a group of pilot clients to advise us on building HUCKLE, licensed data on more than 260 million Americans and started developing the software.

How It’s Going:

HUCKLE is moving along fantastically! Nearly all our pilot clients converted to paid clients and through word of mouth we are bringing new clients weekly. 

A few specific ways that our clients can use the HUCKLE platform is by looking at how customers differ between geographic regions. For example, someone living in a suburban setting versus a downtown or campus environment might have different interests. In addition, clients are looking for ways to see how the consumer mindset has changed from pre to post COVID. 

We are then able to combine all of our audience demographics into a dashboard that our clients can combine and look at under different parameters. HUCKLE allows our clients to use all of our audience information to use specific advertisements to target audience groups most effectively. 

We launch the fully automated version of HUCKLE on June 1, 2021, and are serving our clients on the beta platform until then. We are not only building the airplane while in flight, but more and more people are buying tickets and hopping on board each day.